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Rob Pearsall is an American composer working in video games and film. Born in Texas, but raised in Southern California, he now lives with his wife just outside of Seattle, Washington.

Rob brings over 40 years of composing and production experience to his projects influenced

by the sea changes that have occurred in popular, film, and video game music.

His early years included learning to play drums and guitar and writing songs for his rock bands. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in music and started his first career as a church music director. A second career appeared as a solo artist performing music and drama for churches and youth groups across the country. A third brief career consisted of working as a live mixer, record producer, and session player.

Then in 2002, Rob pivoted to being a composer and sound designer for video games. Rob comments, “I thought I was starting things late, but the game audio industry was just getting their feet under them. Turns out it was good timing.” His company, Rip Street Audio, has contributed audio direction, music, and sound design to over 50 games.

Along the way, he's released six personal albums including a soundtrack of shared music for the game, “Falcon Age”. A life-long learner, he’s finishing up a Master’s Degree in Film Composing at Berklee College of Music.

A few kind words:

"Rob's love of audio shows in his work. He's dedicated to getting the right sound and is creative in his approach. He's a hard worker who takes feedback like a pro, collaborates like a pro, and delivers like a pro."

Mitch Gitelman, CEO & Co-Founder, Harebrained Schemes

“I loved working with Rob. He’s such a nice guy and he is so good at what he does. I would do it anytime and highly recommend him.”

John Jacobsen, Emmy Award Winning Director

“The range of work with which Rob has extended across his audio career shows that his flexibility and openness to learning will continue to help showcase his creativity and talent.”

David Liu, Sound Designer, Meta Oculus



Audio Director

Rip Street Audio

North Bend, WA

rob at ripstreetaudio dot com

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